Absolutely Free Domain Names

Published: 05th February 2009
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Absolutely Free Domain Names

For anyone wanting to establish a presence on the web, a domain name is
essential. Whether it be for business or personal use, you must have a domain
name if you want the rest of the Internet world to find you. Domain names used
to be very costly, but now there is a way to get absolutely free domain names. 
In this article,  I will explain to you how to get these absolutely free
domain names.

.WS Domains and Global Domains International

Global Domains International, also known simply as GDI, is the official
worldwide registrar for all .WS domain names. This means that, no matter who you
register your domain through, your registration is initially handled by GDI.
They are a very well established debt-free company, and have been listed in Inc.
magazines 'Inc 500' list of the 500 fastest growing companies in the United
States. Part of the success of GDI is due to the fact that it offers absolutely
free domain names on a 7 day trial period.

To get your free domain from GDI, you must register a .WS domain. As the
official .WS registrar, GDI can offer these absolutely free domain names on a
trial period. You can register a .COM, .NET or other domain extension if you
wish, however the free domain trial only applies to .WS domains.

Your free domain will also include web hosting. After your free trial, your
domain and hosting will only cost you ten bucks a month. Plus, GDI has a way for
you to get that money back every month, plus more, with their optional referral
program. Just refer others to their service, and GDI will pay you a percentage
of all your referrals monthly fees, down through 5 levels of referrals. This
means that, not only do you get paid on the people you refer. You also get paid
on the ones they refer, and the ones their referrals refer, through 5 levels.

As I've discussed in this article, it is possible to get absolutely free domain
names. Not only can you get your .WS domain free for 7 days from GDI, you can
also get paid for doing so, which makes this better than free. Plus, the .WS
extension is still wide open, and has only really gathered 1-2% of the market
share so far, which means now is the perfect time for you to register your
absolutely free domain names with the .WS extension, from GDI. For more
information, and to register your domain now, please visit:


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